Smudge free eyeliner - the eyeliner you've always dreamt of having... One that does not smudge, wash off or let you down during those emotional moments.

Eyeliner is available as a heavier effect or a soft natural line to enhance your eye colour. By applying a fine line through the top, bottom or both sets of lashes we will give your eyes the definition they need. You can choose the colour and if you prefer a heavier make up look for evenings and occasions you can still apply your party look eyeliner over the top.

Lash enhancement makes your lashes look thicker and darker with a subtle enhancement in between your lash roots.

Define and shape your eyes with a crisp sculpted liner. This begins with a fine defined line at the inner corner of the eye and widens gradually toward the outer corner.

Want the WOW factor...Let your eyeliner make a statement with a high definition dramatic line of maximum thickness. Although please take in to account that thicker eyeliner will require additional treatments over a period of time.

Never let the secret out... you will have people guessing and envying your beauty secret all year round!


Lash Enhancement - £175
Eyeliner - £175 (top or bottom)
Eyeliner - £250 (top & bottom)
Extreme Liner - £175 (top or bottom)
Extreme Liner - £250 (top & bottom)


Colour Boost within 12 months £75
Colour Boost within 18 months £100
Colour Boost within 24 months - 30% off of original price